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High Class Auto Sales is well known for offering the finest used cars for sale in Rancho Cordova, including many from brands with exclusive reputations for attracting a unique class of customers. And that includes premium pre-owned SUVs and trucks from Jeep. As carefully engineered for capability as some luxury cars are built for comfort, Jeeps can provide a one-of-a-kind ownership experience that adventure-friendly drivers will love. Of course, you can also enjoy a one-of-a-kind purchase experience when you buy your used Jeep from High Class Auto Sales. Our service and quality are second to none!


Buying a car or truck is one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make, but there are plenty of ways to make sure you spend your money wisely. For example, used cars for sale in Rancho Cordova — including the ones from the Jeep brand — are generally priced thousands of dollars less than their new counterparts even when the older models are still in excellent condition. You can find that out for yourself whether you shop our inventory online or visit us in person at our clean and well-kept showroom.

Either way, you’ll immediately notice that we’ve carefully selected our inventory of used Jeeps and other pre-owned vehicles so we only offer high-quality rides that you can be proud of.

We provide impressive affordability, too, relying on significant research to ensure our transparent prices reflect fair market value. Next comes smart financing that can bring high-end pre-owned models within easier reach for nearly everyone. In fact, we have a range of exclusive options that can meet your financial needs even if your credit is less than perfect.

Thanks to services like that — plus our ability to deliver vehicles both locally and across the country — we have a nationwide reputation for customer satisfaction that we strive to surpass everyday!

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Preowned Jeeps come well equipped to help you power through your day with ease, providing everyday capability you’ll appreciate tackling tough trails, taking on busy Sacramento traffic, or carrying the kids to school. But beyond their standard strength, these models can also be as comfortable and convenient as almost any of the used cars for sale in Rancho Cordova. Check out our used Jeeps, and you’ll see they can check the boxes for advanced driver assistance, upscale connectivity, intelligent infotainment, and even pure luxury. Please note, however, that exact features may vary by model and model year.

  • High-performance hardware is at the heart of Jeep’s legendary off-road performance and includes fantastic four-wheel-drive systems, robust Dana axles, upgraded suspensions, locking differentials, protective skid plates, crawl control, and two-speed transfer cases.
  • Select Jeep models can tap into the brand’s brainy side for trail-friendly technology like forward-facing terrain cameras, rear-facing cameras to help with hitching, and exclusive Off-Road infotainment pages for tracking off-pavement telemetry.
  • For a high-tech approach to safety, used Jeeps can be configured with automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, blind-spot monitoring, forward-collision warning, and more.
  • Roam free but remain connected to your world with the digital benefits of the brand’s large touchscreens, voice recognition, full-color navigation, wireless charging, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and WiFi compatibility.
  • Deluxe details available in many of today’s used Jeeps include leather heated/ventilated seating, real open-pore wood trim, signature LED lighting, panoramic sunroofs, hands-free access, head-up displays, huge alloy wheels, and Harman Kardon audio.
  • Jeep’s growing focus on electrified powertrains will be having an impact on its used models as well.
  • To top it all off, Jeep models maintain the brand’s bold legacy of open-air driving with fully removable roofs and doors to go with fold-down windshields.


Today’s robust Jeep lineup includes models that can fit almost anyone’s lifestyle or budget, making them some of the most sought-after used cars for sale in Rancho Cordova. The good news is that we strive to stock as many of these rugged machines as we can, and if you don’t see the one you want, let us know. We have extensive experience locating preowned vehicles to meet our customers’ specific requests.

  • The iconic Jeep Wrangler continues to reflect the indomitable spirit of the brand’s first model, built to support U.S. efforts in World War II, but it now combines nearly unstoppable off-road capability with modern technology. Today you can even get a plug-in hybrid model with true Trail Rated running gear and the ability to wade through 30 inches of water.
  • At the top of the Jeep range is the Grand Cherokee SUV family that features two- and three-row cabins plus flagship levels of performance and luxury.
  • The Jeep Gladiator is the truck only America’s favorite SUV brand could build, complete with incredible capability for towing, hauling, and tackling some of the world’s trickiest terrain.
  • The Jeep Renegade, Compass, and Cherokee can showcase Trail Rated performance in bold two-row packages that are nearly perfect for exploring your world with strength and style.
  • Special- and limited-edition used Jeeps can add exclusive touches designed to honor the brand’s do-it-all spirit.


The Jeep story starts in 1940, when the U.S. government opened up bidding for a new general-purpose vehicle to support the troops. Three automakers — Willys-Overland, Ford, and Bantam — responded, and the final design was influenced by all three companies. But it was Willys that won the first production contract, and once World War II ended, the brand continued to sell models for civilian use. Willys began to expand at this time as well, introducing the country’s first all-steel station wagon and the first Jeep truck in the late 1940s. Yet the company was never able to really reap the financial benefits of its success, and it was purchased by American Motors in 1970. The Chrysler Corporation then bought AMC in 1987 before being swallowed up itself as part of the international Stellantis auto group in 2021 — which has only helped expand the brand’s reach even further. Nowadays, Jeep is known worldwide for its legendary off-road performance and unmistakable style.

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